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You Can’t Beat the Yamaha EF2800i Generator For Clean Inverter Power

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In my Yamaha EF2800i portable generator review I look at what Yamaha brings to the table in the inverter style generator category.


There’s a reason why Yamaha consistently comes out on top in the inverter generator category and that reason is quality and efficiency. I’ve looked at a lot of portable generators for this website and consistently Yamaha has the best inverter style generators of all the models I’ve seen. And that runs the scope from lower capacity models like the Yamaha EF1000i, which puts out 1,000 maximum watts all the way to the 6,300 watt EF6300iSDE. Yamaha tends to be more expensive than most other models in the inverter category, but looking closer, you clearly get what you pay for here. Yamaha offers greater fuel efficiency, longer engine runtime, better power output, quieter operation, and higher quality, longer lasting engines. Investing in a Yamaha inverter style generator is the right decision. Here is what I learned about the Yamaha EF2800i portable generator.

Invert Your Thinking of Mechanical Energy

A portable generator does more than provide power for a weekend at a cabin or a barbecue at a tailgate. Precision electronics and computer parts do not need the raw surge of electricity that items like floodlights suck up, but rather a much lighter and more consistent source of power to stay running. If you need to use a laptop, a computer modem, or a plasma television and do not have a source of power, you do not need a portable generator — you need a portable inverter generator. If you try to run your laptop with a standard generator using raw, unclean power, then its electronic circuits could easily be damaged.

Inverter technology takes the amps that could run a lawnmower and converts them into the same flow of electricity that a standard wall outlet supplies. Basically the same type of clean power that comes from your power company. The Yamaha EF2800i Portable Inverter Generator offers customers the chance to run their personal electronics for long periods of time without worrying about power surges or breaks in energy flow.

I have another article on this site where I discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of a portable inverter generator. Check it out if you want to learn more and need help in deciding if a portable inverter generator is right for you.

What Does Yamaha Bring to The Table?

Yamaha has long since been a leader in the mechanical power industry but most people associate their products with four-cylinder sport motorcycles rather than generators. Furthermore, few people would think that you can run a computer or Playstation from gas power. The unique engineering of the Yamaha EF2800i Portable Inverter Generator makes it feasible for people who know they will be away from civilization (or, at least, a reliable power source) to charge their cell phones, their computers, their mp3 players, or even their bread machines without missing a beat.

Whether you are traveling to a foreign country that uses different energy standards or will be spending time miles and miles away from the nearest city, this nifty little device allows you to take the comforts of home with you anywhere on the globe. It also serves as an excellent source of high quality backup power when there is a power outage at your house. You’ll be able to get through that next severe storm with many of your essential home appliances ready to use.

A Gas Powered Motor Has Never Sounded Better

What is the secret to the EF2800i’s successful quiet operation? Your average generator sounds something akin to a lawnmower. You would not want it within hearing range, let alone within a few feet of you while you use it to watch television. Yet the Yamaha has been built to be ultra-quiet. A typical inverter generator needs a spinning two-pole system to turn mechanical energy into electrical charge. The EF2800i has eliminated this noisy nuisance and offers a near-silent running mode in its place with a muffler than can keep the motor from drowning out conversation or music. At 64 to 67 decibels, the EF2800i is as much as 5 decibels quieter than other portable generators in its class. You can see how quiet it is in the video below.

The Yamaha EF2800i Is Easy To Use and Maintain

Few devices can claim to be automatic in an era when the instructions for putting together a corner table are the size of a small novel. Yet the Yamaha EF2800i Portable Inverter Generator runs without needing any but the most basic of maintenance. Once the machine detects it has run low on oil, it will automatically shut down until the oil is refilled.

Also the cast iron design of the interior redirects heat and keeps sparks from harming any flammable objects near the exhaust. Pull starting the EF2800i is also very easy with the machine powering up most of the time on the first pull.

Power Multiple Tools And Appliances

Any electronic object needs either AC or DC power. The Yamaha EF2800i provides alternating and direct current so that you can power any item with a socket plug. It has two 20 amp, 120 volt GFCI outlets, a 125 volt, 30 amp locking outlet that prevents cords from being pulled out accidently, and a 12 volt, 10 amp DC outlet.

You can use it to charge a battery — whether an RV, marine, or a car battery — to full with the DC receptacle. You can run a microcomputer without worrying about the processor. You can utilize power tools that are strong enough to punch through concrete and suck down energy. You can move it around a campground, an office, a job site, or an RV.

With a 2,800 watt maximum output, the EF2800i has enough power to operate a 10,000 btu window air conditioner, and a desktop computer. Or you can operate a refrigerator, lights, television, and laptop computer. On the jobsite you can run a 10 inch table saw and a coffee maker or drill. At 68 pounds, it can easily be picked up and placed elsewhere if you want to power another item.


Built Environmentally Friendly, Fuel Efficient, and Durable

The nice thing about the Yamaha EF2800i portable generator is that it has an economy control, meaning that the engine will automatically match the electrical needs of its connection. This conserves energy by adjusting to the machine you are using rather than wasting gasoline by providing too much energy for a standardized output.

Furthermore, the machine is cleaner than practically any gas-burning machine on the market, offering a better quality charge than commercial power without the pollution that results from it. The Yamaha is also CARB compliant which means it meets the low emission standards of the state of California and can safely be used in that state as well as all 49 others.

The durability of the EF2800i is shown by its EPA rating. It is one of the few portable generators that is EPA rated at 500 hours. This means that the EPA has determined that the engine is good for at least 500 hours of use before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. Most other inverter style portable generators are only rated at 125 hours. If you break this out cost wise, even though the EF2800i is about $1,600 and other cheaper models may run $800 or so, they in fact cost more over the long run. $1,600 at 500 hours = $3.20/hour for the Yamaha versus $800 at 125 hours = $6.40/hour for other brands. As you can see, as an investment over time, the Yamaha EF2800i is much cheaper.

The Yamaha EF2800i Gets 4.5 out of 5 stars

The Good

  • Quick starting – The Yamaha powers up after only 1 or 2 pulls.
  • Easy to carry – One guy can easily handle moving this model around.
  • Long run time – You’ll get 15 hours or more at half the rated load.
  • Clean power – Run any sensitive electronics you want.
  • DC outlet – In addition to the 3 GFCI AC outlets you get a 12 volt 10 amp DC outlet to charge batteries.
  • Quiet – Not as loud as most portable generators.

The Bad

  • A little hard to reach the oil fill – This is a bit awkwardly placed on the engine.


What Do Other Owners Say?

Customer response to the Yamaha EF2800i Portable Inverter Generator has been nearly universally positive. Operators who run complex construction operations initially expressed skepticism due to the pocket size of the Yamaha EF2800i, but immediately recanted their objections once they realized how it generates more power with less gasoline. Some noticed that, in comparison to other generators made by corporations like Honda, the Yamaha model uses a fraction of the gasoline to deliver the same amount of power.

Self-starting carpenters and masons who wanted to build their own cabin or lake house registered satisfaction at how the Yamaha was capable of standing up in adverse weather, like New Hampshire ice storms or Florida hurricanes. Owners really love how easy the EF2800i is to move around. There were also a lot of comments out it being not as loud as many other generators that they had experience with.

The only adverse comments seemed to come from customers who wanted an online instruction manual — despite the fact that there is a 24-hour customer support center — or those who were upset by the lack of information regarded a transfer switch, which is not needed unless you plan to use the EF2800i as primarily a back up stationery generator.

The vast majority of reviewers, however, have claimed that they are quite happy with their purchase, with some expressing extreme satisfaction with this generator after disappointment with other brands.

If you’d like to read more Yamaha EF2800i portable generator reviews, then click here.

Best Place to Buy

Not a lot of big box home stores carry the Yamaha portable generator brand. They prefer to go with cheaper models that are of course lower quality. So I discovered it was best to go online searching for the best deal, which I found on Amazon.com. Amazon sells a lot of portable generators for a few reasons, their prices are really low, there’s a huge selection of different models, and they offer free shipping in many cases. With a 10% discount (when I checked last) and free shipping, you are getting a solid deal on the EF2800i. Click here for the best price on the Yamaha EF2800i Portable Generator.

The Bottom Line

The Yamaha EF2800i Portable Inverter Generator offers stability, strength, and durability in powering small electronics, large gadgets, or power tools. At between $1,500 and $1,600, it is a bit expensive initially but is actually one of the cheaper models on the market if you look at it in terms of per hour usage over the life of the engine. For inverter style generators, Yamaha is the clear leader with superior engineering, higher fuel efficiency, and overall better quality. The Yamaha EF2800i portable generator is truly a great buy.

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