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Tips On Buying A Good Durable Portable Generator Enclosure

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A portable generator enclosure can protect your valuable generator from harsh elements and help to reduce noise. Find out which models I recommend.


New Englander Portable Generator Enclosure

A portable generator is a super handy thing to have for RVers, lovers of the outdoors and those who want to have a little backup in case of an outage. A portable generator enclosure will usually be sold separately, because different people will have vastly different uses for the same generator. There are two main types of generator enclosures: enclosures to protect the engine from hazardous weather and conditions and enclosures to insulate and decrease the decibel output.

Protection from Elements

Power outages do not happen at convenient times, and usually occur in rural areas during bad weather, such as snowstorms, and heavy winds or rain which can damage power lines. For this reason, home users in slightly less populated areas are more concerned with getting an enclosure which can protect their generator from extreme conditions.

Those who go camping or like to travel in their RVs will also need a good cover to protect their generators from any nasty weather conditions. Because generators need to be kept outside (or in a very well ventilated area) almost every user needs some kind of weather protection for their generator, although some users simply cover it with a tarp during inclement weather. This is not the best idea as a tarpaulin will only give protection against rain, and the process of putting it on continually will be soon become bothersome.

This is a sturdy and durable cover which will provide good protection against the elements. The New Englander Portable Generator Enclosure has a galvanized steel housing and a water proof outlet box that make it ideal for all year use.

Enclosures For Noise Reduction

For rural users, sound is generally not the biggest problem, as the generator can be moved to a comfortable distance from neighbors. Users in urban areas will find that they have to keep their generators silent, for their own peace of mind as well as to keep the neighbors happy. Also nothing can ruin a fun outing in an RV or a camping trip like the sound of a noisy generator.

Expensive portable generators come with very good mufflers and other gadgets which reduce noise considerably, but the cost makes these models unappealing to most. Noise reduction is tricky with portable generators, and most boxes make use of several techniques including foam, heat-resistant plastic and extra cooling fans.

Those who are good with tools and a little adventurous can even try making their own sound proof enclosure. Here is a simple guide to creating a soundproof box for a generator. This is quite a process and is only recommended for those who are proficient with tools and understand the mechanics of their generator. Fiddling with the muffler incorrectly or creating a box which doesn’t have enough ventilation can have disastrous effects, which is why it is so much easier to simply purchase a good enclosure.

Tips for Buying a Good Portable Generator Enclosure


Yamaha Gen Box Portable Generator Enclosure

The most important thing to take into account is the exact function that the generator will play. Because generators come in different sizes, most users prefer to have their enclosures custom built to match their particular purpose. Those who want a generator to be mounted onto the top of an RV or camper will have to find one that can be mounted and can also be turned on via a wireless switch. Wireless starting options are only available for top brands like Yamaha and Honda generators, and those who have less expensive generators will also have to consider noise reduction.

Some enclosures require the top to be taken off in order for the generator to run. These enclosures are useless for protection against inclement weather, so it is advisable to make sure that the top can stay on while running. Users who want to be able to carry around their generators from place to place should look for a cover that can either be easily dismantled, or that can be wheeled along with the generator. If something is needed to keep the machine safe during transportation then a simple portable generator cover is a good option.

This website lists a few portable generator enclosures for sale, mostly for use with Yamaha and Honda generators. The Gen-Box models offer some protection and are collapsible and transportable.

When purchasing goods online, reading the customer reviews can be very helpful. This product, the GenTran GS7500 Generator Shelter on sale for $899 is a good example. The customer reviews clearly point out that this is a dangerous, expensive waste of money. One owner had the plastic melt on the back of his unit. Currently, Amazon.com does not have any other portable generator enclosure options from any other manufacturers.

Portable generators are useful to have in case of emergencies, although those who want to use the generator only for home use might want to consider buying a larger generator and constructing a semi-permanent shelter. When moving from place to a place, a good cover can come in handy. Constructing a large or bulky shelter for a portable generator negates the entire point of having a portable generator, so make sure that the option chosen can be easily dismantled or moved. A portable generator enclosure should be sturdy, durable and safe. Ensuring that these criteria are met will mean a long life for your generator.

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