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The Pros and Cons of the Coleman Powermate PM0435001 Generator

The Coleman Powermate PM0435001 Portable Generator offers true peace of mind for emergencies and sturdy reliability on the job. Find out more in my review.

Coleman has an excellent reputation for quality that they have built up over the last nearly 50 years. Their portable generators are top notch and are used on job sites and during emergencies all over the world. Coleman continues their tradition of excellence with the Coleman Powermate PM0435001 portable generator.
This model puts out 5,000 watts of rated or running power with 6,250 for surge watt output. Coleman has 5 different models in the same wattage category. Looking at these models the major features don’t vary that significantly. Running wattage and max wattage are the same on all models. All …

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Briggs & Stratton Elite Series 030470 Portable Generator Review

I like the Briggs & Stratton Elite Series 030470 Portable Generator because you can use it in so many different situations. Plus it’s built to last, pumping out 8,750 rated watts.

As unexciting as everyday activities may seem, not being able to bathe, do laundry, cook, or heat or cool your home when you need to may put these activities in a whole new light if you lose power unexpectedly. While power outages may be associated with certain places or seasons, rain, snow, storms, or high winds can happen virtually anywhere. One wrong step on a power line by an otherwise harmless animal may even be enough to knock the power out for whole communities and leave people scrambling to find a solution.
For power outages that end up lasting …

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Rating The Generac Guardian 5875 Generator – Ready For Emergencies

In my Generac Guardian 5875 Generator review I talk about why this machine is the best whole house stationary generator currently on the market.

When an ice storm hits and knocks out your power for seven days or more and the temperatures are in the single digits, then you’ll really appreciate having a whole house generator. A smaller portable generator is great for a few days of power outage, but for longer than that you’ll need a whole house unit.
Although a stationary electric generator is a larger investment than a portable generator, in the long run it is a better investment. The max power output for portable generators usually tops out around 10,000 watts, and these higher wattage models usually cost about $1,500 – $2,000. Stationary …

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How Does The Generac 5622 GP5000 Stand Up To The Competition?

The Generac 5622 GP5000 portable generator will power almost all of your essential household and jobsite appliances with 6,250 surge watts of power.

While everyday activities such as bathing, doing laundry, cooking, and heating or cooling your home are usually accomplished without much fanfare, this is not the case when the power goes out unexpectedly. Power outages can happen for any number of reasons, from nimble animals coming into contact with power sources to the unfortunate outcomes that often result from high winds, rain, snow, and storms.
You may manage well if the power comes back on relatively quickly, but without a backup plan you may lose more than you ever imagined. A lasting power outage may mean not having heat to keep your family warm, no longer being able to …

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Tips On Buying A Good Durable Portable Generator Enclosure

A portable generator enclosure can protect your valuable generator from harsh elements and help to reduce noise. Find out which models I recommend.
A portable generator is a super handy thing to have for RVers, lovers of the outdoors and those who want to have a little backup in case of an outage. A portable generator enclosure will usually be sold separately, because different people will have vastly different uses for the same generator. There are two main types of generator enclosures: enclosures to protect the engine from hazardous weather and conditions and enclosures to insulate and decrease the decibel output.

Protection from Elements

Power outages do not happen at convenient times, and usually occur in rural areas during bad weather, such as snowstorms, and heavy winds or rain which can …

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A Portable Solar Generator To Light Your Way

You can use a portable solar generator to harness the power of the sun and efficiently power your appliances during a blackout or in the great outdoors.
Take a walk around a local neighborhood or a RV campground and you will more than likely see a portable solar generator or two operating some of the electrical needs for people. Highway departments and asphalt companies have been taking advantage of this technology for years, and recently consumers have been able to bring this technology home.
Environmentally friendly and extremely quiet, a portable solar generator can work with traditional power sources and other fuel driven power generators. Whether it is used for emergency power, recreational uses or at a distant work site these generators provide a whole new way to look at portable …

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A Heavy Duty Portable Diesel Generator Offers Reliability and Power

A portable diesel generator offers some unique advantages over propane and gas powered machines. Diesel machines are built tough and are very fuel efficient.
Portable generators are useful for a wide variety of different reasons. As a simple power source, you can use a generator for absolutely anything. People are usually drawn to them wherever a power supply is needed but a connection to the electric mains is just impractical. Perhaps you would have to run absurd lengths of cable in order to reach the area in which you are working, or maybe there simply are no mains for miles around. In any case, a portable generator can solve your problem.
There are many different generator models on the market and many people are confused as to which one …

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Safely Power Electronics With The ETQ TG32P12 Portable Generator

The ETQ TG32P12 portable generator produces 4,000 watt of power and lets you run sensitive electronics with several different outlets to choose from.

I know when the power goes out at my house, whether it’s due to an electrical storm in the summer or an ice storm in the winter, that I want to be able to use my electronic devices. I can get by without TV for a while, but the rest of the family, well that’s a different story. And just try sleeping in the hot, humid summer with no AC in the Deep South. Forget about it. That’s why it’s important for me to use only a generator that can safely power my electronics and the other essential appliances I and my family …

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How Does A Portable Generator and Transfer Switch Work?

Find out how a portable generator works to power all of your home appliances during a blackout or when you are out camping or tailgating.
A portable generator can be lifesaving during an emergency, powering essential items in your home during a blackout. Generators can also be used recreationally when you’re out camping, visiting a National Park or tailgating at a ball game. You’ll also find many portable generators being used on construction sites to run power tools and equipment. Millions of generators are sold each year and the market is growing as many people see the benefits from these machines and their costs go down and efficiencies go up. Generators are also becoming easier and easier to use. Here’s how they work.
Today’s generators work based …

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Connecting a Portable Generator to Your Home Safely and Effectively

You have two options when connecting your portable generator to your home. You can use extension cords to power each appliance or use a transfer switch.

Portable generators can be a lifesaver when a storm hits and your family is faced with an extended blackout. Today’s portable generators are easy to set up and use and are very efficient at powering a wide variety of appliances in your home. When you first look for a generator you need to know what your power requirements are before you buy. I’ve put together a Buying Guide that talks about choosing a portable generator that can help you assess your power needs based on the wattage of some common household appliances.
Smaller generators (under 5,000 watts) are excellent for powering a …