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Safely Power Electronics With The ETQ TG32P12 Portable Generator

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The ETQ TG32P12 portable generator produces 4,000 watt of power and lets you run sensitive electronics with several different outlets to choose from.

ETQ TG32P12 portable generator

I know when the power goes out at my house, whether it’s due to an electrical storm in the summer or an ice storm in the winter, that I want to be able to use my electronic devices. I can get by without TV for a while, but the rest of the family, well that’s a different story. And just try sleeping in the hot, humid summer with no AC in the Deep South. Forget about it. That’s why it’s important for me to use only a generator that can safely power my electronics and the other essential appliances I and my family need to get by during a blackout. Well, the ETQ TG32P12 will take care of most all of your power needs safely, whether you plan on using it at home for emergencies or when you’re out camping.

What Do You Want To Power Up?

When you start looking for a portable generator the first thing you need to decide is how much power you need. Basically just add up the wattages of all the appliances you think you’ll be using during a blackout. If you plan on taking the ETQ TG32P12 out camping or on the road in your RV, then you’ll need to do the same.

At 4,000 watts of power, the TG32P12 is considered a medium capacity portable generator so it should be able to handle most of your essential appliances. If there’s something you want to run that requires a lot of wattage, like a coffee maker at 1,000 watts, then you can simply unplug a few items and run the coffee maker until your cup of Joe is ready. Then you can replug your computer back in for example. You’ll also need to calculate the surge wattage for the most power hungry appliance, like your refrigerator. The surge wattage is what it takes to start the appliance and can be 2 to 3 times greater than the wattage that it takes to run the appliance. A refrigerator may only take 800 watts to run, but when the cooling fan kicks in it may need 1,600 watts.

ETQ TG32P12 - otherside

You can find out the surge wattage and running or rated wattage of your appliances by checking your owner’s manual for each device. If you can’t find the owner’s manual try looking around on the device for a sticker or panel that will list the electrical usage. You may find this information on the motor of the device as well.

If you want to run things that are hardwired to your home’s main circuit breaker, like central air, then you’ll need to have a transfer switch installed. The ETQ TG32P12 works great with a transfer switch and only requires one extension cord.

The ETQ offers 4,000 surge watts and 3,250 running watts. As I talked about above the difference of 750 watts between the surge and running watts accounts for appliances turning on and starting up. Given this wattage capacity you can use the TV (350 watts), a computer (850), a few lights (4, 100 watt bulbs), a ceiling fan (800), and your refrigerator (600) at the same time, which takes you to about 90% of the ETQ TG32P12’s running wattage capacity. If you want to run larger appliances like the water heater (3,000), or the electric range (2,100), then you’ll need to unplug some other appliances.

The ETQ has a 4 gallon gas tank and you can run it at 100% capacity for 9 hours on a full tank. It’s best to keep it under full capacity though so that it will last longer. The ETQ will run for 13 hours on a full tank of gas at a load of 50%.

Sensitive Electronics Are Safe With the ETQ TG32P12

One important thing I like to see in a portable generator is the ability for it to run sensitive electronics, like your computer. If the power’s going to be out for several hours I definitely want to be able to use my computer or watch a movie on TV with the family. You can do all of that with the ETQ TG32P12.

The ETQ has a really cool feature called Clean Sine Alternator Technology that generates high quality electricity. The Sine tech generates electricity that has a low level of total harmonic distortion which means it’s safe to use with desktop computers, laptops, and printers. You don’t have to worry about power surges damaging your equipment which is great.

Hooking It Up To Your Appliances Is A Piece Of Cake

ETQ TG32P12 - control panel

The ETQ TG32P12 comes with two 120 volt, 20 amp, ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets and one 240 volt twist-lock outlet. GFCI outlets are ground fault protected, which means the circuit breaker will shut down if there is any leak of current. GFCI outlets are designed to prevent you from getting shocked.

Twist lock outlets are designed to twist and lock into place to create a more secure connection. Many portable generators can vibrate slightly and this may cause a plug to become loose. With the twist lock outlet this won’t happen. You can even bump it and it won’t come loose.

The 120 volt outlets can be used with most standard appliances like lamps and computers. The 240 volt outlet can be used for larger appliances like your water heater. You can also use a gen-cord, which is an extension cord that plugs into your generator at one end and has a split box at the other end. The split box will usually have three or four additional 120 volt outlets for you to plug in more things.

There is also a 30 Amp, 120 volt, TT-30 adapter outlet on the ETQ TG32P12 portable generator. TT stands for Travel Trailer and is used on recreational vehicles. It is also called the RV30. You can find RV receptacles in nearly all RV parks in the US and Canada.

If you opt for a transfer switch then you will be able to run all of the appliances that are hardwired to your home and you’ll be able to use your indoor receptacles. You can check out my article on Connecting A Portable Generator to Your Home to find out more.

The ETQ Is A Breeze To Move Around

Check out the video below and you can see how easy the ETQ is to roll around using its extension handle and heavy duty rubber wheels. It’s basically like pulling around a piece of luggage. The handle will fold up conveniently when you’re done moving the machine as well. The ETQ TG32P12 weighs about 111 pounds so if you want to put it in your car or truck for a camping trip then you’ll probably need to get another person to help you lift it.

The ETQ is pretty compact, coming in at only two feet long and about a foot and a half high, and it’s certainly not bulky. It also looks pretty good, with a sleek blue finish, running in your driveway or out at a campsite.

Is the ETQ TG32P12 Easy to Start?

The TG3P12 has a pull cord start function just like your lawn mower does. The cord is positioned on the side of the machine for easy access. There are many owner reviews that talk about how easy the ETQ is to start. Many times it powered up on the first pull.

How Loud Is It?

The ETQ TG32P12 uses an oversized muffler to keep the sound levels low. As a result it’s a relatively quiet portable generator producing 68 decibels of sound at 21 feet away. To understand what this means, 70 decibels is about what normal street noise sounds like. 60 decibels is about the level of a normal conversation. You’re going to be running the generator at least 15 feet away from your home, outside, so 68 decibels is really pretty reasonable in terms of noise level. You shouldn’t expect any complaints from the neighbors either.

The TG32P12 Has Safety In Mind

ETQ TG32P12 - back

With our busy lives it’s hard to keep track of everything, especially like when you need to add oil to your portable generator. This is especially the case if you only use it a couple times a year for emergency reasons. The good thing about the ETQ TG32P12 is that it will automatically shut off when the oil gets too low. This is a fantastic feature that will save the engine from getting damaged. Also an indicator lamp will come on letting you know that the oil is too low.

There is also a stop switch on the side of the generator that you can press to instantly shut the engine down if there is a problem.

Maintenance Is Not Difficult At All and Easy To Keep Track Of

You’ll find a handy maintenance calendar in owner’s manual telling you when you need to change the oil, replace or clean the air filter, check the fuel strainer, check the battery fluid levels, clean the spark plug, readjust the valve clearance and combustion chamber, and change the fuel line. In the manual you’ll also find detailed instructions on how to clean the generator and all of its parts, and properly store it.

4 stars

The ETQ TG32P12 Gets 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars

Check for the Best Prices for the ETQ TG32P12 Portable Generator

The Good

  • Priced well – The ETQ TG32P12 costs less than $400, which is a very good price for a portable generator that puts out 4,000 watts of power.
  • Good choice of outlets – You get the two GFCI outlets at 120 volts, the 240 volt twist lock, and the TT-30 adapter outlet, which should cover all of your power needs.
  • Easy to move around – The wheels and pull handle make moving the unit around very easy.
  • Low oil shutdown – a good safety feature to have

The Bad

  • Not CARB compliant – CARB stands for California Air Resources Board. Products that meet the CARB requirements have lower emissions and are generally more environmentally friendly. So if you live in California you won’t be able to use this generator. But if you live in any of the other 49 states of the US or in a foreign country, you can use this generator with no problem.
  • Only a one year warranty – I’d like to see at least a 2 year warranty backing this product.

What’s Included

  1. Air-cooled ETQ portable generator
  2. Tool kit – this includes a flat head screwdriver, spark plug wrench, and 8×10 inch wrench.
  3. Wheel assembly kit
  4. Handle
  5. Owner’s manual

You can read even more detail in the ETQ TG32P12 Owner’s Manual.


PortableGeneratorAdvisor.com Consumer Reviews Summary

Summary of the most helpful positive reviews:

One reviewer talked about using the ETQ after Hurricane Ike hit in 2008. He said he ran the generator for about 40 hours continuously, powering his 50″ plasma, refrigerator, DVD player, and 8,000 BTU window AC unit with no problem at all. He also said the ETQ was really fuel efficient and only burned about 6 gallons of gas a day.

A power quality technician for a local power company wrote a review talking about how the electricity generated by the ETQ was efficient and clean. This makes it fabulous for sensitive electronics like computers.

Many owners like the wheels and handle and how easy the unit is to move around. They also say it is easy to start and is fairly quiet. The GFCI outlets were also a big selling point as this safety feature is great to have when a disaster strikes and you are dealing with wet conditions.

Summary of the most helpful negative reviews:

There was a comment that the left hand outlet on the generator was not regulated so any sensitive devices should be connected to the outlet on the right. This was just an opinion though and did not seem to be confirmed with any load testing device.

There was a review that talked about the assembly nuts and bolts being of a low quality and the user had some problems with getting the wheel components assembled. Other reviews though didn’t seem to have any problem at all with this. Some owners talked about the oil reservoir being hard to get to and fill without a long, narrow funnel.

Where Can I Buy the ETQ TG32P12 Portable Generator?

You can find portable generators at most big box home retailers but often they only carry a few select brands. I’ve found the best place to buy generators online is through Amazon.com. They have some really great deals on the ETQ TG32P12 right now. The great thing too is that they offer free shipping on this product. That’s pretty amazing considering it weighs over 100 pounds! Search for the Best Deals for the ETQ TG32P12 Portable Generator.

Where Can I Read More Reviews About the ETQ TG32P12?

There are over 125 customer reviews on Amazon.com. Many of these are from average homeowners, but there are some in there from real electrical experts. The average rating is 4.0 out of 5.0 stars, making the TG32P12 a real gem among portable generators. Read More Reviews About the ETQ.

More About Eastern Tools & Equipment (ETQ)

Eastern Tools & Equipment (ETQ) manufactures a range of high quality products from generators, to water pumps, to engines, welder machines, air compressors, and pressure washers. All of their products are highly efficient and competitively priced. They have offices in Ontario, California; Charlotte, North Carolina, and Norwalk, Ohio.

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