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The Pros and Cons of the Coleman Powermate PM0435001 Generator

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The Coleman Powermate PM0435001 Portable Generator offers true peace of mind for emergencies and sturdy reliability on the job. Find out more in my review.


Coleman has an excellent reputation for quality that they have built up over the last nearly 50 years. Their portable generators are top notch and are used on job sites and during emergencies all over the world. Coleman continues their tradition of excellence with the Coleman Powermate PM0435001 portable generator.

This model puts out 5,000 watts of rated or running power with 6,250 for surge watt output. Coleman has 5 different models in the same wattage category. Looking at these models the major features don’t vary that significantly. Running wattage and max wattage are the same on all models. All have 6 gallon fuel tanks that will run for about 11 hours or so at a 50% load, and all have high quality 10 horsepower Subaru overhead valve engines.

One model, the PM0435006 offers an electric start whereas all of the other models offer manual start. The design on all of the models seems to be very similar as well. Out of all five 5,000 watt models though, the PM0435001 has the highest consumer ratings. That’s why I chose this as the best 5,000 watt Coleman Powermate portable generator. Here is what you can expect from this machine.

The Obvious Advantages

The Coleman Powermate PM0435001 provides the same advantages of most portable generators. It keeps a home or building supplied with lighting and acts as a power source for electrical appliances when the power is knocked out from a storm or local mishap. The stream of natural disasters occurring since around 2005 has made this a logical option for backup power, too.

With many generators, the intent is not to supply continuous power for a long term to those who need it. It is intended to give a temporary solution to a power outage or to be used on a jobsite. Some who have had to survive the impact of snow storms and hurricanes, however, have found the Coleman Powermate PM0435001to be more capable of generating power for longer periods than most. One customer reported using the Coleman Powermate when he lost power for six days.

Those who have medical or health issues and need medical equipment at home find this power generator a useful resource, as well. Some who have to rely on oxygen tanks or other critical medical equipment have found solace in the support of a backup generator. Flashlights and candles can provide lighting for a home, but they do nothing to help a machine or device keep operating. If something happens to trigger a power outage, those who need medical attention can still receive continuous support.

The Powermate PM0435001 is also ideal for use on the job at a construction site. It’s perfect for powering a variety of different power tools like grinders, drills, and saws. One really cool feature that I like on this generator is that it has a specially designed restraint that prevents plugs from being accidentally pulled out of the 120 volt receptacles. Coleman calls this the CordKeeper Restraint. If you’ve ever been around any jobsite you know that there are a lot of guys and machinery moving around and it’s very easy to get something caught on a cord or bump it and pull it out. That won’t happen with the cord restraints on the PM0435001.

It Is Portable and Safe

The premium Coleman portable generator comes with protective cast iron sleeves that can protect the generator from wear and tear when it is moved. Since the unit weighs about 160 pounds, it is ingenious to equip it with two anchoring no-flat wheels. Simply tilt the generator in the same way as you would a wheelbarrow, and you can roll it to any spot you need for maximum coverage.

You should always adhere to the guidelines for use, but the standard rules for safety still apply here:

  1. Do not use the generator indoors or in a confined space to avoid fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.
  2. Make sure the unit is protected from moisture or inclement weather to avoid electrical shock.
  3. Never try to plug a generator into a house outlet. This is called backfeeding and can endanger the whole neighborhood.
  4. Allow the generator to cool down before refueling it. Gas is flammable on a hot engine.

The Coleman Powermate PM0435001 Has A Variety of Receptacles

With 5,000 running watts and a powerful Subaru overhead valve engine you’ll have no problem running most of your important household appliances. The Powermate also has a variety of different receptacles to handle any situation. It comes with two 120-volt receptacles that are ideal for most power cords. There is also one 120/240-volt locking outlet on the control panel that prevents cords from being pulled out accidentally. The Powermate also comes with circuit breaker protection.

To top things off, the Powermate PM0435001 comes with a 25 foot 12 GA-SJTW, 4 conductor power cord set. With most generators you’ll have to buy this separately. The cord has a twist lock plug that plugs directly into the twist lock receptacle on the generator. At the other end of the cord is a 4 circuit connector that is made up of four 5-20R receptacles. You can use these plugs to power individual appliances or tools, just be sure not to exceed the 20 amp rating of the power cord set.

Noise Level

One of the most common complaints about all generators is that they are quite noisy. The Coleman Powermate PM0435001 has a triple chamber which helps keep it relatively quiet. However, generator engines work hard to output power, and that, by necessity, is a noise-filled process. The Coleman Powermate is quieter than most.

Customers who have had a low tolerance for the noise have found a workable solution: they have installed larger, quieter mufflers on their generators. Nothing takes all the noise away, but a different muffler can make the noise level tolerable. Hopefully, the amount of time you will need a generator will not be so long that the noise becomes a nuisance, but just in case your generator time stretches on, remember that you can find a different muffler to easily install.

The Coleman Powermate PM0435001 gets 4 out of 5 stars

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Basic Maintenance Keeps Everything Working

Maintenance on the Powermate PM0435001 is no more than you’ll have with any other OHV gas powered engine. You’ll need to change the oil periodically as specified in the Owner’s Manual and start your generator every few months to make sure it’s ready to go when you need it. If you plan to store it for a long period of time make sure you winterize it properly.

If the oil gets too low while its running the Coleman Powermate will shut down to prevent damage to the engine. This is a nice safety feature.

To get maximum performance from the Coleman Powermate, it is best to let it run until it runs out of gas. Then you can refill. Because power outages do not happen every day, the generators sometimes have to sit for months – or years – without being turned on. Some owners make it a regular habit to crank the generators so that they can ensure they are working properly. Those who do not crank regularly have reported that simply adding gas and oil will help the Coleman crank right up when you need it.

If the generator has to be stored, you can prevent the likely varnish buildup by letting all the gas run out, making sure the gas valves are closed and adding one tablespoon of oil into the engine through the spark plug hole. This will prevent problems later.


What’s Included

  1. Coleman Powermate PM0435001 Portable Generator
  2. 1 quart of oil
  3. 25 foot 20 amp generator cord, 12 gauge

What Others Are Saying

Most owners really love their Coleman Powermates. They especially like the design of the unit, with its strong cage, large handles, and wheels that make it very easy to move around. Many also enjoy having an extension cord come with the unit. Most portable generators don’t offer this. Owners also talk about the Powermate being quieter than other generators they’ve used. Customers also say how easy the Coleman is to start and that it typically starts running after just one or two pulls on the starter cord. A couple of owners had their machines for a long time including one guy that had been using his Powermate once a year for a couple of days each time for over 5 years. He had no problems and really felt that his machine was a really good buy.

There were only a couple of negatives about the Powermate PM0435001. One owner wanted to see an idle control on the unit so that it would adjust the engine output based on the load. He said it seemed like the generator would always run at high power regardless of how many things he had plugged into it. Another had a real problem getting the engine to work, however there were no other mentions of this anywhere in any other reviews I read, so it may be that that guy just unfortunately got a lemon. Plus other owners talk about how great the Japanese-made Subaru engine is.

Overall it looks like the Coleman Powermate PM0435001 portable generator offers a long term, reliable source of power generation. It is durable, solidly built and delivers exactly what you need when the power is out. What more could you ask for in a power source?

Where To Shop For The Coleman PowerMate

You can try a Big Box warehouse, but I’ve found that a lot of them don’t carry Coleman brands and the ones that do tend to be overpriced. So I would recommend shopping online where you can really comparison shop for a wide range of different makes and models. If found the best prices for the Coleman Powermate on Amazon.com. Click here to check for the latest deals on the Powermate PM0435001 Portable Generator.

Want to Read More Reviews?

There are a number of helpful reviews on Amazon.com from other owners. I always find the information provided by the folks there very helpful in making my purchase decision for a wide variety of different products. Head on over there to read some more Coleman Powermate PM0435001 portable generator reviews.

More About Powermate

Read can learn more about Powermate and the PM0435001 portable generator on the Powermate website. In addition to portable generators they also make water pumps, pressure washers, air compressors, and other air tools.

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