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My In-Depth Analysis of the Champion 46515 Portable Generator

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The Champion 46515 portable generator is a versatile, high quality, low priced model that can safely power 4,000 watts worth of appliances. Find out more in my review.


Versatility is the key word for the Champion 46515. You can use it with your RV – it’s already wire with an RV hookup outlet, out camping – its sound level is low enough for use in national parks, or at your home during power outages – at 4,000 watts of maximum output it can easily power many essential home appliances. Combine versatility with the high quality, durability, and efficiency I’ve come to expect from Champion, and you’ve got a real winner. Here’s more of what you can expect from the highly rated Champion 46515.

Champion 46515 portable generator is quite durable, and the gasoline engine is of superior quality, providing 12 hours of continuous power at 50% load. The noise level is reasonably low, and the size and weight of the generator makes it quite portable. Here are some distinguishing features of this device, which makes it stand out from other models in its class.

Excellent Power Output

The Champion 46515 is capable of producing a maximum output of 4,000 watts, and an optimum operating output of 3,500 watts. For outlets, it has one RV (TT-30R) 30-amp receptacle, one 120V (L5-30R) 30-amp Twistlock, and one 120V (5-20R) 20-amp outlet.

This generator can take the load of operating two to three high-powered pieces of equipment simultaneously. For instance, you could run a refrigerator, TV, a sump pump, and a few lights simultaneously. In an RV, the generator is capable of simultaneously running the air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, and television. So while you’re on the road you’ll have all of the benefits of home.

The 46515’s fuel tank can store four gallons of fuel, which provides approximately 12 hours of power when the generator is being run at half its load capacity. This means you can fill it up in the morning and again at night and let it run 24 hours. Apart from use in an RV, such a power output is also ideal for camping power needs, and to power specific high-powered tools and equipment in your house or on a jobsite. Plus it’s perfect for a backup power source during a blackout.

Superior Engine Quality Requiring Little Maintenance

The Champion 46515 portable generator has a four stroke, single cylinder OHV (overhead valve) engine, which is efficient, providing quite a good, cost to output ratio. OHV engines are now considered superior to other types, as they have an overhead valve that provides a higher RPM (revolutions per minute), and their pushrod design provides better durability and output.

This generator is equipped with a 196cc OHV engine with some of the best safety features that prolongs its life, and reduces maintenance costs. First, the Champion 46515 is air-cooled, preventing the build-up of excess heat, making the generator run smoothly, without stopping, until the fuel runs out. It also gives an alert in the event of an overload, so that you can unplug or turn off any equipment or appliances that are causing the overload. There is a sensor for low oil, which automatically switches off the engine when the oil level falls below the recommended point. This is good because if you’re running the machine for many hours without stop, the oil can easily run low. There is also another sensor for monitoring the voltage for preventing irregular output, which protects your more sensitive appliances, like computers, from being damaged.

Easy Operation

There is nothing to set up with the Champion 46515. You just need to plug in your equipment or appliances into one of the outlets in the main control panel of the generator and you are good to go. Starting the generator is also quite easy, as it will rev up with a few pulls on the recoil mechanism. Resetting circuit breakers can be accomplished by the push of a single button, and a Voltmeter panel provides information about the power being used and generated.

Portability and Storage

Champion 46515 generator is quite portable as it weighs about 98 pounds, and has a compact design that makes it easily storable. You can carry it yourself if you’re strong, otherwise two people can easily move it around by grabbing onto the bars of the frame surrounding the unit. You can also purchase an optional wheel kit that is very easy to add to the unit. The Champion 46515 is just over 23 inches long, and has a width and height of 17.5 inches. The frame and support rack gives the generator a concise shape, and a fair amount of mobility.

The Champion 46515 Portable Generator gets 4 out of 5 stars


  • Easy to start and use – Many owners have found the Champion 46515 portable generator easy to use, and that it needs very little maintenance.
  • You can power many different appliances – The Champion 46515 can handle a fair bit of load, up to 4,000 maximum watts, enabling users to power many types of equipment simultaneously. Owners also talk about how versatile the Champion is.
  • Long operation – Users are able to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply, as it runs continuously without overheating for 12 hours.
  • Small and easy to move – The compact design makes it easy to place in constricted spaces, and the dimension and weight provide a fair amount of portability, especially with the wheel kit.
  • Low priced – The cost of the 46515 is very reasonable, making it one of the lowest priced portable generators in its class.
  • Warranty and Support – The superior quality of the Champion generator is also backed by free lifetime technical support, and a limited warranty of two years that provides free maintenance and repairs.
  • Lots of outlets to choose from – There is a 120 volt 30 amp twist lock receptacle protected by a 25 amp circuit breaker, a 120 volt 30 amp recreational vehicle receptacle which will power 60 hertz single phase loads that require up to 3,500 watts of power, and a 120 volt, 20 amp receptacle for loads up to 2,400 watts and protected by a 20 amp circuit breaker.
  • Voltmeter – This is nice to have on the control panel. It lets you know what the output voltage of the generator is and whether you are getting close to its capacity. You’ll know exactly how many appliances you’ll be able to plug in and stay within capacity.


  • Not CARB compliant – The 46515 generator cannot be used in California as it does not comply with CARB emission standards. However, it meets all the EPA quality standards, and is compliant with all other statutory requirements of all other states.
  • Doesn’t come with wheels – It is hard for one person to tote this machine around. You do have the option though to purchase a wheel kit and add wheels yourself, which makes moving it around easier.


Comes With

  1. Champion 46515 portable generator
  2. Oil funnel
  3. Spark plug socket
  4. Spark arrestor kit – This includes 1 spark arrestor, 1 cover plate, and 2 screws and lock washers.
  5. Champion 46515 Portable Generator Owner’s Manual

What Other Owners Are Saying

The Champion 46515 comes highly rated with many positive reviews from owners. On Amazon.com alone there are over 50 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Over 94% of owners rate the Champion 4 or 5 stars out of 5, which is outstanding for a portable generator.

Owners feel like they got a really good value for the money. They talk about their Champion models being sturdy and efficient and priced really low for the features and high quality they received. They also talk about how easy it is to set up and start. There were also a number of comments about how quiet the Champion is. It was designed with a noise dampening muffler so that you can use it in national parks which have specific noise limitations. Those owners that used the 46515 primarily for their camping and RV needs really loved it and said that the RV hookup worked perfectly.

On a negative note, some users found that certain service centers were not willing to service this generator. This may be due to the list of service centers being outdated. Make sure the service outlets in your area are indeed catering to this generator.

Click here to read more Champion 46515 portable generator reviews.

If you would like to learn more about Champion Power Equipment, head on over to their website.

Best Place to Buy

There are a few big box retailers that offer the Champion brand but I wouldn’t recommend going there to buy. If you want the best price, head over to Amazon.com. When I checked they were offering this model for a 6% discount, saving you about $20. The good thing about Amazon is that you can buy any other accessories you may need there as well, such as extension cords and surge protectors, all for very low prices, all from the convenience of your home. Click here to get the best price on the Champion 46515 Portable Generator.


The Champion 46515 portable generator is the ideal power solution for an RV or camping sites. It can also be used at home for running certain 120V appliances and equipment during sudden power outages. If you were looking for a cost effective generator that provides uninterrupted power for 12 hours, for most of your appliances, then the Champion 46515 portable generator would be a good choice.

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