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The Champion 1500 Watt Is The Perfect Small Generator – Here’s Why

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The Champion 1500 watt portable generator model 42433 is the perfect small generator. It is CARB compliant, fuel efficient, and high quality. Read my review to learn more.


The Champion 42433 Portable Generator will keep electricity flowing at home or work. Light weight and fuel efficiency make this one of the most convenient machines of its type. It is an ideal solution to provide power in emergency situations or every day. It can be used on camping trips, at the cottage, at a remote work site, or to run lights and appliances at home during power outages. With the increase in severe storms and fuel shortages, it is always worthwhile to have one of these around. This great versatility is available at a price under $250.

1200 Running Watts

This Champion generator provides 1,500 peak watts or 1,200 running watts. That is enough to operate one medium-sized appliance. Alternately it could provide enough energy for a few lights and small appliances at the same time. For example, most pumps, small window air conditioners, irons, washing machines, microwaves, coffee makers, belt sanders and hammer drills will use between 1,000 and 1,200 watts. Items requiring less than 1,000 watts include refrigerators, freezers, fans, toasters, TVs, electric drills, fans and radios. Larger generators are needed for table saws, stoves, water heaters, space heaters and large air conditioners.

One of the most popular uses for generators is to provide an emergency power supply. People who live in areas ravaged by hurricanes, tornadoes or winter storms can expect to lose power for hours or days at a time. In a day or so without refrigeration, food will spoil. A small generator like this is all people need to minimize disruptions to daily life. It will supply enough power to economically run a refrigerator or freezer all day. During the evening power can be switched over to operate lights, TV, fans and other things needed for comfort and convenience.

10 Running Hours

The 1.2 gallon tank provides enough fuel to run for 10 hours at 50 percent load. That is sufficient for freezers or refrigerators, which require about 700 watts. This represents high fuel-efficiency compared to larger generators. Compare it to a 6,000-watt generator from the same manufacturer. It burns 6.5 gallons of fuel in the same amount of time. A larger generator will be necessary for heavier jobs, but for light or emergency applications this model will save significantly on fuel costs.

This efficiency and running capacity offer great convenience. Consider that during a blackout it will run a freezer continuously for most of the day on one tank. Over a 24-hour period it would only require two or three refills and less than four gallons of gas. Alternatively, on a work site it could run several small power tools all day with a single refill.

This video shows the Champion 1,500 generator’s features and how it runs.

CARB Compliant

Using the Champion 1500 watt portable generator helps reduce pollution, as compared with most other generators on the market. CARB is an acronym for California Air Resources Board. CARB compliance means the machine meets stringent standards for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. The same standards have been adopted by various other states. Even in places where they have not been put into law, following low emission standards helps everyone do their part to keep the atmosphere clean and combat climate change. This model also meets US Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Despite the generator’s low emission ratings, it does produce exhaust. Adequate ventilation is essential. Bear in mind that it is not designed to be run indoors or in an enclosed space. Make sure not to operate it near any vents or intakes to the house.

The Champion 1500 watt portable generator gets 4 out of 5 stars

The Champion 1500 Watt Portable Generator is Easy to Use

This model comes with an excellent Champion 1500 watt portable generator owner’s manual and operating instructions in clear English. It outlines a few steps that must be taken for initial assembly. It also gives useful guidelines to ensure safe operation and prolong the life of the generator.

Users will find the wattage reference chart useful, as it indicates the power consumption of common tools and appliances. The generator should be started up with no load attached and given several minutes to stabilize. Then items should be plugged in one at a time and started, allowing the engine to stabilize between each addition.

Additional Features

The Champion 1500 watt portable generator is equipped with a low-oil shut-off. In case of inadequate lubrication, it will automatically stop to prevent damage to the engine. The technical specifications include an 88cc overhead valve (OHV) engine. It is 4-stroke, single-cylinder and air-cooled. The cast-iron sleeve provides greater durability. It has an integrated control panel and a 20-amp 120-volt outlet. A 10-amp circuit breaker prevents overloads.


The unit comes with an oil funnel, a spark arrestor kit which includes a spark arrestor, a cover plate, and screws and lock washers, and a spark plug socket.

Customer Reviews: The Good

Most people who purchase the Champion 42433 Portable Generator are delighted with its performance. On Amazon.com it received a 4.1 out of 5 star average rating from over 15 customers, which is an excellent rating for a portable generator. Most people talk about how easy this generator is to use. You just put oil and gas in it and it usually starts after just a couple of pulls. They also like the high quality and say that their Champions are well built. The safety features of this model are also popular, like the low oil shut off function and the circuit breaker. There are also a number of comments about the excellent fuel efficiency and the long run time of the Champion 42433.

Customers also really like the light weight and portability of their Champion generators. The generator only weighs about 60 pounds. That means one or two people can easily pick it up for transport to and from a work site, or between the garage and backyard. Its compact size allows convenient storage in the corner of a garage or tool shed.

Another popular feature of this product is its quiet running level. It produces about the same amount of noise as a human conversation. It is only audible from a distance of 40 or 50 feet. The noise level will not disturb neighbors, and makes a more pleasant working or living environment.

Customer Reviews: The Bad

There were a couple of comments about this model not being able to meet heavy-duty requirements for a work site with several large power tools operating at once. Likewise, it will be insufficient to run all the appliances in a household during a blackout. However people who buy it for light jobs or emergency situations receive satisfactory results. You should have your energy requirements in mind before purchasing a portable generator. That way you know you’ll get exactly what you need.

One customer complained about receiving inadequate support and service on a defective generator he received. It may be worthwhile to find out whether the manufacturer has a repair center in your region. However it seemed in this case the customer purchased from another seller that is no longer listed on Amazon.com.

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Best Place to Buy

If you want the best deal on the Champion generator I suggest heading over to Amazon.com. They have become a very popular generator retailer and I’ve found that they consistently beat the prices of most of the big box stores. They also have way more variety to choose from. I’ve always had a great experience with shipping and customer service from Amazon. Click here to search for the best price for the Champion Power Equipment 1,500 Watt Portable Generator.

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