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[5 Apr 2012 | No Comment | 1,398 views]
The Champion 1500 Watt Is The Perfect Small Generator – Here’s Why

The Champion 1500 watt portable generator model 42433 is the perfect small generator. It is CARB compliant, fuel efficient, and high quality. Read my review to learn more.

The Champion 42433 Portable Generator will keep electricity flowing at home or work. Light weight and fuel efficiency make this one of the most convenient machines of its type. It is an ideal solution to provide power in emergency situations or every day. It can be used on camping trips, at the cottage, at a remote work site, or to run lights and appliances at home during power outages. With the increase in severe storms and fuel shortages, it is always worthwhile to have one of these around. This great versatility is available at a price under $250.

1200 Running Watts

This Champion …

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[29 Mar 2012 | One Comment | 3,045 views]
What I Learned About The Briggs & Stratton P2000 Inverter Generator

Who says an inverter generator needs to be expensive? In my Briggs & Stratton P2000 Portable Generator review I talk about the quality this machine brings to the table at an affordable price.

Inverter style generators are fantastic to have because you can use them with sensitive electronics like your laptop and not have to worry about them surging and damaging the circuits. They are also much quieter, more fuel efficient, and more lightweight and portable than conventional portable generators. The drawback is that they are much more expensive than standard generators. That is until the Briggs & Stratton P2000 Portable Inverter Generator came out on the market.
The Briggs & Stratton 030473 Portable Generator delivers all the power you need during an emergency power outage, or for …

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[21 Feb 2012 | No Comment | 2,068 views]
My In-Depth Analysis of the Champion 46515 Portable Generator

The Champion 46515 portable generator is a versatile, high quality, low priced model that can safely power 4,000 watts worth of appliances. Find out more in my review.

Versatility is the key word for the Champion 46515. You can use it with your RV – it’s already wire with an RV hookup outlet, out camping – its sound level is low enough for use in national parks, or at your home during power outages – at 4,000 watts of maximum output it can easily power many essential home appliances. Combine versatility with the high quality, durability, and efficiency I’ve come to expect from Champion, and you’ve got a real winner. Here’s more of what you can expect from the highly rated Champion 46515.
Champion 46515 portable generator is …

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[14 Feb 2012 | One Comment | 1,516 views]
You Can’t Beat the Yamaha EF2800i Generator For Clean Inverter Power

In my Yamaha EF2800i portable generator review I look at what Yamaha brings to the table in the inverter style generator category.

There’s a reason why Yamaha consistently comes out on top in the inverter generator category and that reason is quality and efficiency. I’ve looked at a lot of portable generators for this website and consistently Yamaha has the best inverter style generators of all the models I’ve seen. And that runs the scope from lower capacity models like the Yamaha EF1000i, which puts out 1,000 maximum watts all the way to the 6,300 watt EF6300iSDE. Yamaha tends to be more expensive than most other models in the inverter category, but looking closer, you clearly get what you pay for here. Yamaha offers greater fuel efficiency, …

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[14 Jan 2012 | 3 Comments | 2,449 views]
The Pros and Cons of the Coleman Powermate PM0435001 Generator

The Coleman Powermate PM0435001 Portable Generator offers true peace of mind for emergencies and sturdy reliability on the job. Find out more in my review.

Coleman has an excellent reputation for quality that they have built up over the last nearly 50 years. Their portable generators are top notch and are used on job sites and during emergencies all over the world. Coleman continues their tradition of excellence with the Coleman Powermate PM0435001 portable generator.
This model puts out 5,000 watts of rated or running power with 6,250 for surge watt output. Coleman has 5 different models in the same wattage category. Looking at these models the major features don’t vary that significantly. Running wattage and max wattage are the same on all models. All …

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[5 Jan 2012 | No Comment | 1,751 views]
Briggs & Stratton Elite Series 030470 Portable Generator Review

I like the Briggs & Stratton Elite Series 030470 Portable Generator because you can use it in so many different situations. Plus it’s built to last, pumping out 8,750 rated watts.

As unexciting as everyday activities may seem, not being able to bathe, do laundry, cook, or heat or cool your home when you need to may put these activities in a whole new light if you lose power unexpectedly. While power outages may be associated with certain places or seasons, rain, snow, storms, or high winds can happen virtually anywhere. One wrong step on a power line by an otherwise harmless animal may even be enough to knock the power out for whole communities and leave people scrambling to find a solution.
For power outages that end up lasting …

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[21 Dec 2011 | No Comment | 770 views]
Rating The Generac Guardian 5875 Generator – Ready For Emergencies

In my Generac Guardian 5875 Generator review I talk about why this machine is the best whole house stationary generator currently on the market.

When an ice storm hits and knocks out your power for seven days or more and the temperatures are in the single digits, then you’ll really appreciate having a whole house generator. A smaller portable generator is great for a few days of power outage, but for longer than that you’ll need a whole house unit.
Although a stationary electric generator is a larger investment than a portable generator, in the long run it is a better investment. The max power output for portable generators usually tops out around 10,000 watts, and these higher wattage models usually cost about $1,500 – $2,000. Stationary …

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[7 Dec 2011 | No Comment | 1,362 views]
How Does The Generac 5622 GP5000 Stand Up To The Competition?

The Generac 5622 GP5000 portable generator will power almost all of your essential household and jobsite appliances with 6,250 surge watts of power.

While everyday activities such as bathing, doing laundry, cooking, and heating or cooling your home are usually accomplished without much fanfare, this is not the case when the power goes out unexpectedly. Power outages can happen for any number of reasons, from nimble animals coming into contact with power sources to the unfortunate outcomes that often result from high winds, rain, snow, and storms.
You may manage well if the power comes back on relatively quickly, but without a backup plan you may lose more than you ever imagined. A lasting power outage may mean not having heat to keep your family warm, no longer being able to …

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[30 Jun 2011 | No Comment | 3,670 views]
The Outstanding Features of the All Power America APG3014 Generator

At a 2,000 max watt capacity, the All Power America APG3014 portable generator is durable, efficient, and inexpensive. You can easily take it wherever you want.

It’s good to have a little portable generator that’s under $200 that you can use to power a few things when the power goes out or power up a few tools in your shed or on the jobsite. If you’re out camping, RV’ing, or tailgating before a game then small generators are the way to go. They’re quiet, light weight and easy to move around and they don’t take up a lot of space. Plus they’ll run and run with very little gas. The All Power America APG3014 fits the bill perfectly. Here’s what it can do for you.

The …

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[25 Jun 2011 | One Comment | 6,901 views]
ETQ TG72K12 Portable Generator – Over 8,000 Watts of Power

If you need a big, powerful generator that is reliable, high quality, and can be used with sensitive electronics then the ETQ TG72K12 is the one for you.

We had a big ice storm roll through this past winter. We get them a lot in Virginia on the mid-Atlantic east coast of the US. When a winter storm comes through, the areas a little further north tend to get a lot of snow, whereas places south will get a lot of rain. It’s usually a crap shoot as to what we get. It could be all snow or it could be all rain depending on the track of the storm and the air temperature. Mostly though, we end up with a lot of ice. …