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The Outstanding Features of the All Power America APG3014 Generator

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At a 2,000 max watt capacity, the All Power America APG3014 portable generator is durable, efficient, and inexpensive. You can easily take it wherever you want.


It’s good to have a little portable generator that’s under $200 that you can use to power a few things when the power goes out or power up a few tools in your shed or on the jobsite. If you’re out camping, RV’ing, or tailgating before a game then small generators are the way to go. They’re quiet, light weight and easy to move around and they don’t take up a lot of space. Plus they’ll run and run with very little gas. The All Power America APG3014 fits the bill perfectly. Here’s what it can do for you.

The APG3014 Lets You Power the Essentials

At 1,400 rated watts and 2,000 surge watts, the APG3014 offers enough power to run appliances like your freezer (500 watts), your television (350 watts), your washing machine (400 watts) and a couple of lights. The difference between rated and surge watts is that many appliances that have motors, like your freezer for example, need more power to start than they need to run. Your freezer may only need 500 watts to run, but 1,000 watts to start its compressor. The compressor is the motor that powers the cooling system. So the rated or running wattage for your freezer would be the 500 watts and the surge wattage would be the 1,000.

Before you buy your portable generator you should add up the running wattage of all of the devices and appliances you plan to use and the surge wattage of the largest appliance. You only need to do the surge wattage of the largest appliance because it’s unlikely that 2 or more appliances would have their motors kick in at the same time. If the total wattage is under 2,000 then the All America Power APG3014 is the right portable generator for your power needs.

You Can Run The APG3014 All Day On One Tank of Gas

You’ll be able to get up to 9.5 hours of run time on one tank of gas at 50% load. The tank holds 1.3 gallons so the APG3014 is really fuel efficient.

You Have Multiple Outlets to Choose From

The APG3014 has two 120 volt outlets, and one 12 volt DC outlet that can be used for recharging 12V/8.3A batteries. The unit also comes with battery charging cables which is a real plus for a portable generator of this size. Using the 120 volt outlets you’ll be able to plug in and use most all of your home appliances and small power tools.

Safely Using Electronics with Your All Power America Portable Generator

The APG3014 is not an inverter style generator, which are about four times more expensive than conventional portable generators. Therefore the power it produces is not as clean which means it may not be safe to use with sensitive electronics, like computers. This is not a problem though as you just need to pick up an inexpensive piece of equipment to add to the APG3014. You’ll need a UL-1449, CSA-listed surge protector which you can find online at Amazon.com for about $20-$40. Then just plug this into the outlets on the APG3014 and then plug in your electronic device or extension cord. Then you should be good to go with using your sensitive electronics.

The APG3014 Comes Equipped With Safety Features

If the generator ever gets overloaded during operation the circuit breaker will automatically shut the engine down to prevent any damage to the machine or to the appliances you have plugged into it. The APG3014 also has a low oil shutoff protection feature where the engine will turn off when the oil is too low. This protects the engine as well.

Just follow the oil change timing and other service recommendations, like spark plug changes and air filter cleanings, on the Maintenance Chart in the User’s Manual. By doing so you shouldn’t have any problems with the All Power America generator and it should last you for many years to come.

4 stars

The All Power America APG3014 Gets 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars

Check for the Best Prices for the All Power America APG3014 Portable Generator

The Good

  • Light, small and easy to move around – The APG3014 has easy grip handles and weighs only about 55lbs, so you can pick up it up yourself or get somebody on the other side to help you. It is also very compact and only 15 inches high.
  • Comes with battery charging cables – You can easily charge up your car or RV battery, or boat engine battery using the included cables.
  • Stable – The All Power America has rubber feet on the bottom to keep it sturdy and prevent it from bouncing around.
  • Good price – It’s real hard to find a high quality 2,000 watt portable generator for under $200, so the APG3014 is a real bargain.
  • Good control panel – You’ll find a gas gauge that lets you know how full the tank is and a voltmeter that tells you how much power is being produced.
  • EPA approved – This means that the APG3014 has met the EPA’s criteria for emissions.

The Bad

  • Just a 1 year warranty – This is fairly standard among inexpensive 2,000 watt capacity portable generators. Still it would be nice to see a 2 year warranty.
  • Non-CARB compliant – CARB stands for California Air Resources Board and they must approve products for sale in California. If engines do not meet strict low emission criteria designed to prevent smog then they cannot be used or sold in California. The APG3014 is not compliant and therefore cannot be used in California. It can be used in the other 49 states in the US and internationally without any problem.

What’s Included

  1. All Power America APG3014 portable generator
  2. Battery charging cables
  3. Owner’s manual


You can check out even more details in the All Power America APG3014 Owner’s Manual.

PortableGeneratorAdvisor.com Consumer Reviews Summary

Summary of the most helpful positive reviews:

Many owners talk about how the APG3014 has been able to power many of their appliances during blackouts. One owner was able to power his refrigerator, computer, lights, and heating furnace igniter all at the same time. Another reviewer owned a construction company and he was able to put this generator onto the roof with no problems to power tools for roofing work. He liked that he didn’t need to run long cables but could just take the APG3014 right to where he needed it.

No one had any trouble starting the unit, and many times it started on the first pull. Owners like that you can move the APG3014 around easily. They also say it’s really fuel efficient and will run a long time on a tank of gas. Owners also like the battery charging features and the cables that come with the unit. Many owners were glad that the APG3014 was a four stroke engine so that no mixing of gas and oil was needed. Many portable generators in this capacity level only offer 2 stroke engines. For the most part everyone seemed happy with the APG3014 and felt that it offered good value for the price.

Summary of the most helpful negative reviews:

A couple owners said the generator output indicator light was hard to see in the daylight. Others mentioned that the APG3014 didn’t have enough power to handle all of the appliances they wanted to run. I don’t think I would fault the generator for this. Upgrading to a higher capacity generator at a higher price tag is probably the best solution to their problem. There was one owner that seemed to have gotten a bad model right from the start. When he dealt with customer service they were generally responsive. Some other owners that had to deal with customer service found them hard to contact though.

Where Can I Buy the All Power America APG3014 Portable Generator?

You can find the APG3014 being sold at several online retailers and Big Box warehouses. The best deal I found was on Amazon.com, which also has free shipping. You can also grab all of the other accessories you may need for the APG3014, like extension cords and power strips on Amazon too. Check for the Best Deals for the All Power America APG3014 Portable Generator.

Where Can I Read More Reviews About the All Power America APG3014?

There are over 75 owner reviews for the APG3014 on Amazon.com alone. The average rating there is 3.5 stars out of 5.0, with over 60% of the people giving it 4 or 5 stars. This is really good for a small, inexpensive portable generator. Read More Reviews About the All Power America APG3014.

More About All Power America

All Power America was founded in 2005 and has manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China and offices in City of Industry, CA, USA. In addition to portable generators, they also manufacture pressure washers, power tools, saws, cordless drills, mini-refrigerators, and other power equipment machinery. They have over 21,000 service and repair centers across the US and Canada.

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