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A Heavy Duty Portable Diesel Generator Offers Reliability and Power

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A portable diesel generator offers some unique advantages over propane and gas powered machines. Diesel machines are built tough and are very fuel efficient.

Portable generators are useful for a wide variety of different reasons. As a simple power source, you can use a generator for absolutely anything. People are usually drawn to them wherever a power supply is needed but a connection to the electric mains is just impractical. Perhaps you would have to run absurd lengths of cable in order to reach the area in which you are working, or maybe there simply are no mains for miles around. In any case, a portable generator can solve your problem.

There are many different generator models on the market and many people are confused as to which one is best for them. The best generator is one that suits a particular purpose. In this article, we are going to look at the portable diesel generator and its unique advantages and disadvantages. We will cover the reasons to use diesel as a fuel as well as answer the question of how to choose the right power rating for the job, but first, let us look at the different uses for a portable generator.

A Portable Diesel Generator Can Be Used For A Variety of Tasks

One of the most important uses for a generator involves dealing with power outages. Even the best places have power outages from time to time, and if your local area is more susceptible than most, then it is important to have a backup supply. This is even truer if you live in an area that gets severe weather.

If you have to deal with dangerously cold conditions for any part of the year then having an independent source of heat and power is vital. This will help you keep food cold until you want to eat it and heat it up when you do. It can also provide the power to heat water for bathing and hot drinks. Alternatively, you may want to take a small portable diesel generator with you when you go camping. This is a great way to keep everyone’s spirits up on cold nights and can help to bring some semblance of home into the wilderness.

Portable Generator Options

You can get generators that run on gas, propane or diesel. Each of these fuels has its own unique advantages, and which one you choose will largely depend on your own specific requirements. It is always important to compare and contrast the different options available to you and choose the one that will work the best for you over a long period of time.

Think about the long-term cost efficiency of the model you are buying. As well as considering the different kinds of fuel, you should also pay attention to the power rating. We will get into both of these issues in more detail shortly, but the basic principle is to make sure you always have enough power for the job. Although you do not want to go overboard and buy a portable generator that is vastly beyond your needs, it is far safer to err on the side of overdoing it than to underestimate and find yourself unable to power a particular appliance.

You can read more about choosing a portable generator to help you decide on the best model for your needs.

The Advantages Of A Portable Diesel Generator

Diesel is an excellent fuel source and it offers several advantages over gas or propane. One of the main bonuses is to be found is fuel efficiency. Diesel can be burned for a great deal of energy over a long period of time. Your fuel will last much longer than with a gas or propane generator. This translates into two things: lower cost and smaller size. Not having to carry around a large tank of fuel is a major boon in the eyes of many people.

Another advantage of portable diesel generators is their longevity. They are typically built with a very sturdy, industrial construction, which allows them to run for long hours without you having to worry about their condition. Portable diesel generators will run all day and all night and they will last for years and require very little maintenance. Their design is usually simpler than their competitors, too, since they do not need spark plugs. Oil changes are just about the only regular maintenance expected of an owner of a portable diesel generator.

There Are A Few Disadvantages Of Diesel Generators

Portable diesel generators also present some unique disadvantages. One is that because of their high quality and sturdy design, diesel models are usually more expensive when you first buy them. It is important to recognize that these generators are all about long-term cost efficiency, so you are likely to make up the initial purchase price a number of times over compared to the amount you would spend repairing and replacing a lesser-quality design.

The heavy-duty build can also increase the weight substantially. If you just want the lightest possible generator, diesel may not be your first choice.

To sum up, here are the unique features of portable diesel generators:

  • They can be very fuel efficient.
  • They typically have long life spans.
  • They require very low maintenance.
  • They are simple to operate with a basic efficient design.
  • Their initial price may be higher.
  • They may be heavier than the equivalent gas or propane model.

Identifying Your Power Requirements

It is hard to give specific advice when considering the power requirements of portable diesel generators. This is because their use is so dependent on the task to which they are put. If all you want to do is run a single low-power appliance, then even the cheapest model will work just fine. If, on the other hand, you want to run a squadron of power tools all at once or power a large home without any trouble, then a much more serious generator may be required.

To work out how much power you need, look at all of the appliances you are likely to use simultaneously, add their power ratings together and then add a bit for safety. This can give you a pretty reliable ballpark for the amount of power you realistically need.

I have a generator wattage worksheet for determining the power needs of various appliances and tools to help you with your calculation.

Popular Diesel Models


The VoltMaster LR50EL

The Voltmaster LR50EL is a fine example of a model from the lower end of the scale. It provides an electric start, at least ten hours of running time and 4000 Watts of power.

If you need a little more power, you might consider the Winco W6010DEX, which can produce 5500 Watts and comes with a brushless motor design, which helps to provide a cleaner form of electricity. This is important for running delicate items like computers, which may be more susceptible to electric noise than other appliances.

If you really need top-level power, you can find portable diesel generators that provide over ten thousand watts. It is always important to look beyond simply the specs when buying a generator. Try to find reviews and advice from current owners. This often gives you a great idea of what it is like to live with the generator every day.


Portable diesel generators are great when you need plenty of reliable power for an assortment of different purposes. While diesel engines tend to be heavy and sometimes pricey, they more than make up for it with their longevity and low maintenance.

Whether a portable diesel generator will suit you personally depends on your specific needs. However, it is hard to argue with the advantages of a simple, reliable, powerful solution that will last for years and never go wrong.

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