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The Top 5 Best Portable Generators For An Emergency, Camping, and Your RV

Find out which is the best portable generator for your situation. Read expert and owner reviews and see which models are the most efficient and affordable.

If you’ve ever been without power for more than a day then you know how horrible it can be. I live in Virginia on the east coast of the US and we get hit by severe thunderstorms in the summer that knock down power lines and blow out transformers. In the winter we can expect at least one big ice storm every year that will pull down even more lines from the weight of the ice and knock the power out.
I respect the power crews who work 24/7 to get the lines back up and the power back on in …

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The Best Portable Gas Generators Will Power Everything You Need

Portable gas generators can provide backup power during an emergency, you can take them camping and use them on jobsites. Find out which models are the best.
With the summer quickly approaching, many people are searching for portable gas generators. Perhaps you are planning a camping trip with the family, or maybe you have an outing scheduled for hunting or fishing. For many people along the coasts of the United States, summer brings the inevitable hurricane season along with its anticipated power outages. In other areas, thunderstorms and tornadoes are a common occurrence, and people frequently need an alternate power supply for necessary appliances like a refrigerator or medical devices. In any case, portable gas powered generators are now affordable and widely available to supply these and a wide variety …

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The Champion 1500 Watt Is The Perfect Small Generator – Here’s Why

The Champion 1500 watt portable generator model 42433 is the perfect small generator. It is CARB compliant, fuel efficient, and high quality. Read my review to learn more.

The Champion 42433 Portable Generator will keep electricity flowing at home or work. Light weight and fuel efficiency make this one of the most convenient machines of its type. It is an ideal solution to provide power in emergency situations or every day. It can be used on camping trips, at the cottage, at a remote work site, or to run lights and appliances at home during power outages. With the increase in severe storms and fuel shortages, it is always worthwhile to have one of these around. This great versatility is available at a price under $250.

1200 Running Watts

This Champion …

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A Portable Propane Generator is A Great Alternative To A Standard Gas Powered Machine

A portable propane generator offers economical backup power using clean burning fuel that can be easily stored on site. Find out which models I recommend.

As gas prices rise to historically high levels across the US we are all looking for efficient economical fuel alternatives. The average price of propane for the end of March 2012 is about $2.87 per gallon on average for residential use. Compare that to the average price per gallon of unleaded gas at the pump, which is about $4.00 or higher in most parts of the country. You can see that in most cases propane is a better deal cost-wise. Combine that with the clean burning nature of propane, which makes it better for the environment than gas, and you’ve got …

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What I Learned About The Briggs & Stratton P2000 Inverter Generator

Who says an inverter generator needs to be expensive? In my Briggs & Stratton P2000 Portable Generator review I talk about the quality this machine brings to the table at an affordable price.

Inverter style generators are fantastic to have because you can use them with sensitive electronics like your laptop and not have to worry about them surging and damaging the circuits. They are also much quieter, more fuel efficient, and more lightweight and portable than conventional portable generators. The drawback is that they are much more expensive than standard generators. That is until the Briggs & Stratton P2000 Portable Inverter Generator came out on the market.
The Briggs & Stratton 030473 Portable Generator delivers all the power you need during an emergency power outage, or for …

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My In-Depth Analysis of the Champion 46515 Portable Generator

The Champion 46515 portable generator is a versatile, high quality, low priced model that can safely power 4,000 watts worth of appliances. Find out more in my review.

Versatility is the key word for the Champion 46515. You can use it with your RV – it’s already wire with an RV hookup outlet, out camping – its sound level is low enough for use in national parks, or at your home during power outages – at 4,000 watts of maximum output it can easily power many essential home appliances. Combine versatility with the high quality, durability, and efficiency I’ve come to expect from Champion, and you’ve got a real winner. Here’s more of what you can expect from the highly rated Champion 46515.
Champion 46515 portable generator is …

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Tips On Picking the Best Portable Generator Transfer Switch

A portable generator transfer switch lets you run all of the appliances hardwired to your home during a power outage. Find out how they work and what kinds to look for.
If you already have a portable generator or are thinking about buying one then you should definitely consider getting a transfer switch installed as well. With a switch you’ll be able to run all of your hardwired appliances like your central air conditioning, electrical wall sockets, and furnace during a blackout. Plus you won’t need to worry about having to run multiple long extension cords out of your home to your generator. You’ll be able to simply plug any appliances you need into your wall sockets and operate them just as if the main power was …

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With A Portable RV Generator You Can Have All the Conveniences of Home

A portable RV generator lets you power almost all of your essential appliances in your recreational vehicle. Find out what to look for when shopping for one.
Ahhh, the call of the open road. It’s a sound that many of us will hear in our lifetimes. There’s nothing like driving across the United States, traveling the countryside. You can stop where you want to and see the gorgeous landmarks and sites that the land of free and the home of brave has to offer. Your RV can take you wherever you want to go with many of the conveniences of home. If you’re planning such a trip, one thing that you shouldn’t go without is a high quality portable RV generator.
A portable RV generator is …

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You Can’t Beat the Yamaha EF2800i Generator For Clean Inverter Power

In my Yamaha EF2800i portable generator review I look at what Yamaha brings to the table in the inverter style generator category.

There’s a reason why Yamaha consistently comes out on top in the inverter generator category and that reason is quality and efficiency. I’ve looked at a lot of portable generators for this website and consistently Yamaha has the best inverter style generators of all the models I’ve seen. And that runs the scope from lower capacity models like the Yamaha EF1000i, which puts out 1,000 maximum watts all the way to the 6,300 watt EF6300iSDE. Yamaha tends to be more expensive than most other models in the inverter category, but looking closer, you clearly get what you pay for here. Yamaha offers greater fuel efficiency, …

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A Portable Inverter Generator Provides Clean, High Quality Power

A portable inverter generator produces clean power that you can use for your sensitive electronics. Find out how they work and what models I recommend.
I use my computer every day. I work on my computer, I play on my computer, I talk to friends and family on my computer. A day or two without it is sometimes a nice break, especially on vacation or spending a weekend outdoors with the family. I always plan for these outings and if I don’t have access to email I’ll put an “Out of Office” message up so that people won’t expect a response immediately. However when there’s a power outage and you can’t use your computer, emails pile up, and you look unresponsive. The customer in Florida …

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A Portable Natural Gas Generator Offers Convenience And Ready Power

A portable natural gas generator is a great option if you have an existing natural gas line running to your home. Find out how these work and which models are the best.

A portable natural gas generator could be one of the best backup devices during power outages. It uses commonly available natural gas as its fuel, which is a mixture of different gases, methane being the primary ingredient. Natural gas is known to be one of the cleanest fuels, as it does not leave any residue, and is high in the output of heat and light.

How does a Generator Using Natural Gas Work?

A portable natural gas generator uses the kinetic power and heat generated by pressurized jets of hot gas to produce electricity. The force produced by …